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The exclusive V3 Apparel Affiliate program offers you the unique opportunity to join a global team of athletes, instructors, bloggers, personal trainers, page owners, influencers and content creators.  As we continue to grow and help motivate an ever increasing global audience, we look to our team of dedicated affiliates to help promote our extensive range of activewear. In return, team V3 affiliates can earn an industry leading commission (a percentage of revenue) on qualifying sales that result from featuring links to products in their content.


Sign up to receive your unique affiliate link. Simply post your link to your email, social media, blog, website or other online channel. When visitors click on these links, they'll be directed to a landing page on V3 Apparel's site. You'll then earn a commission for every purchase they make through your affiliate link within our 15-day cookie window.


10% industry leading commission


15 day purchase window


Payments issued via PayPal


Access to a library of content


We make it easy for individuals, brands and companies to earn, with a library of branded creatives for you to repurpose for your own marketing efforts.

Social Media

One effective method to promote affiliate links on social media involves crafting engaging posts, reels or stories incorporating affiliate links into captions or social media bios.

Examples: If you're a health and fitness expert, you might create informative workout content accompanied by relevant affiliate links in the caption to activewear that supports their workout.


That’s because one of the most effective ways to promote your affiliate links is to add them to your blog posts. This is especially effective if your blog receives a good amount of organic traffic, as it allows you to promote your affiliate links to a large audience.

Examples: Product reviews, recommendations, product comparisons, how to guides.


Maximise your website's success and generate substantial affiliate commission by capturing email addresses for newsletter promotions, sharing your link within valuable website content such as pages, blogs, resource sections etc. Improving your site's visibility on Google will also help to increase organic visitors to interact with content and affiliate link.

Email & Newsletter

Including affiliate links in your emails and newsletters is a highly effective method for promoting your offerings. Once you've built a subscriber list, you can craft email sequences endorsing relevant products or services by embedding affiliate links.

Examples: Create roundup emails showcasing the best deals, product review emails or seamlessly integrate into existing emails, incorporating your affiliate links. Alternatively, you can direct traffic from your emails to web pages featuring these affiliate links, enhancing engagement and potential conversions.

Podcast & Webinar

Podcasts and webinars serve as great tools for affiliate marketing, offering a direct and engaging avenue to connect with your desired audience. To promote affiliate links through these mediums, incorporate them into the chats, show notes, description and during the broadcast.

Examples: In a health and fitness podcast, you can include affiliate links to relevant activewear products in the show notes, verbally mention them during the episode and integrate them into the show description text.

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