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Article: V3 x Heirloom

V3 x Heirloom

V3 x Heirloom

V3 Apparel partner with Heirloom, the leading technology company dedicated to fighting climate change through permanently removing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. As part of this new partnership, V3 Apparel has committed to financially supporting Heirloom's efforts to restoring balance to our atmosphere through leveraging the natural power  of limestone to remove carbon dioxide using the most cost-effective Direct Air Capture technology.

Heirloom’s technology speeds up the rate at which naturally occurring minerals capture CO₂ with a process that relies on these minerals passively contacting air rather than using energy-intensive fans to draw air in. Minerals in rocks serve as crucial carbon sinks for the planet by absorbing atmospheric CO2 over extended geological timescales, a phenomenon referred to as carbon mineralization. Limestone, which is plentiful on Earth, traps vast quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere over a prolonged period. Heirloom's innovative technology speeds up this natural process to a matter of days. By harnessing the power of both engineering and nature, Heirloom created the world's most cost-effective and scalable Direct Air Capture technology.

Heirloom provides carbon removal credits of the highest calibre that guarantee permanent CO2 removal. The process involves the safe and secure storage of CO2 underground or in construction materials such as concrete. Facilities are designed to have minimal environmental impact, with each square meter capable of removing up to 50 tons of CO2 and can be located on non-arable land. By establishing facilities in communities that have relied on fossil energy, they aim to create high-paying green jobs and promote investment in education and re-skilling for a future-proof industry.

The partnership between V3 Apparel and Heirloom is a significant step forward in the fight against climate change and part of the company's wider commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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