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Article: Black Lives Matter

V3 Apparel supports the black lives matter foundation

Black Lives Matter

We emphatically condemn bigotry, senseless violence and racism in all it’s forms, and we stand in solidarity with black communities everywhere to fight against oppression, discrimination and injustice.

Enough is enough and silence is complicity. It is the responsibility of us all to help make a real change to finally conquer systemic and institutionalised racism and to achieve equal justice for all under the law.

We have and always will, champion diversity and inclusivity for all, and together, we must all remain accountable for our actions, not just our words. Take this time to understand the issues, listen to those who live this reality and then take action. We’ll be doing just that.

Starting with a commitment of our support through donations to the Black Lives Matter Foundation and the NAACP. We will also utilise our platforms to spread awareness and provide resources for action, while reflecting and planning our future actions as a business to help further our support to our black teammates and communities moving forward.

Act Now: Visit for ways to help and additional resources.