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V3Apparel.com supports a wide range of global currencies. Navigate to the top right-hand corner of any webpage and click on the currency code drop-down menu as seen in the image below. Click to select your preferred currency from the list available. This will change all V3Apparel.com prices to your chosen currency allowing you to shop with ease.

V3Apparel.com currency dropdown menu
Prices can be viewed in the following currencies:
  GBP - Pound Sterling
  EUR - Euros
  USD - US dollars
  CAD - Canadian Dollars
  AUD - Australian Dollars
  DKK - Danish Krone
  SEK - Swedish Krona
  NOK - Norwegian Krone
  INR - Indian Rupee
  SGD - Singapore Dollars
Please note that all order payments will be processed in Pound Sterling to the most accurate conversion rate at checkout. 


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